New Book: SPANK THE BANK: The Guide To Alternative Business Financing

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If your bank just turned you down, then you need to read this book!

If you do not know how to access Alternative Financing, you must get this book!

If you just started a business,this is also for you!

If you are a seasoned business owner, you should read this too!

If you are classified as a “Women, Minority, Veteran, Disadvantaged,” or otherwise classified, this is a great resource for you too!

If you do not understand why you cannot access business financing, this is a “must read”!

The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Alternative Funding will assist the start-up and seasoned entrepreneur understand and access alternative capital in today’s tight financial market!


“In life or business, giving up is not an option. You will achieve your dreams when you have laser focus, reaching within & never giving up.”

Karlene Sinclair-Robinson


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